About Me

This is what I do.

Hi! I'm Twooey! I'm a software engineer, gamer, and open source enthusiast. I live in the US. You can find me on Github, Twitch and LinkedIn.

This Blog

I use this blog to talk about my different projects and hobbies.


I constantly work to learn new skills. Below are some of the frameworks and tools I use. Programming Languages: Python, Rust, Java, C++, Javascript, TypeScript and SQL.

Libraries and Frameworks: Django, pandas, NumPy, Express.JS, React, and Next.JS.

Development Tools: Git, Bash/Zsh, and Docker.


I started programming in basic as a kid. I often wrote basic games for TI Calculators in school. In High School, we had a basic programming class in C++, and I learned a few good habits, and quite a few bad ones.

I dabbled in programming for a decade. Often automating processes to reduce workload. I enjoy coding challenges like Project Euler that allow me to branch out into new concepts.

After spending a decade in Networking, I decided to go back to school for a Bachelors in Computer Science. Transitioning into software engineering.